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Create your own personalized engraved river rocks

How to create your own personalized engraved river rocks with inspirational words or names in a few easy steps

  There's something really quiet about the end of summer. It seems like the entire volume of the planet has been put on mute.  There's a definite calm that happens once the kids go back to school and the endless days once again have a schedule.  As much as I love summer, I definitely look forward to the fall.   It really gives me a time to relax after a few hot months of summer.
  This past week for Labor Day I went on a short trip to Pennsylvania. They have to most beautiful scenic parks on the East Coast. One thing I really love about the area is the rivers. The parks in that area have the clearest, cleanest, and absolute freshest water anywhere. Anyone who's ever swum in a freshwater river knows what I'm talking about. The rivers are so clear they almost seems man made. It's pretty cool.
  As a kid, I  loved collecting river rocks, the ones that line the beds of the streams. I find it amazing how nature can take rough, jagged clumps of stone and turn them into smoothly polished river rocks. It can take decades, even centuries for the water to grind away at the stones and sand them to perfection.
  Well, I've created a super simple way to create your own river rocks. In this simple tutorial, I've eliminated a century worth of grinding and sanding - cause lets face it who has that kind of time- and show you how you can create your very own river rocks. What's even better is that you can customize them with short inspirational words or names. Keep reading and I'll exactly what you need to do.

DIY engraved inspirational river rocks stones polymer clay

  • Polymer Clay in assorted earthtone colors
  • Pasta machine or clay roller
  • Script alphabet stamps
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Aluminum foil
  • Rubber gloves *optional

Combine different shades clay and condition by running through a clay/pasta machine.  Conditioning simply means to work hard clay until it becomes smooth and soft enough to use.

After your clay is well conditioned you want to roll it out to an even thickness. A good size is between 1/8th and 1/4 inch thick. 

Take the aluminum foil and create an egg shape.  Smooth out the foil so no sharp edges remain. 

Take the clay and wrap around the foil and lightly flatten to form the shape of a river rock. If you notice a lot of finger prints in the clay you can try working with rubber gloves.

Use your stamps to create words in the clay. Smooth out any marks left by the stamps. 

Bake the clay according to the manufacturer's instruction. The standard baking time is 25min. per 1/4 inch thickness. Ovens can vary with their actual temperature compared to what they read. 

After your clay stones are completely cooled you can begin to paint the stamped words. The trick to painting the letters is to "place" or "press" the paint into the letter's grooves. Wipe any excess with a dry or lightly misted paper towel.

How did your river rocks turn out?
I'd love for your to share any ideas in the comment section below.

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