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Updating an old pillow with Paint and Stencils.

  I needed to post this next project simply for the fact of how easy it was. I've never tried to paint a pillow or any fabric for that matter. I found out that it was really simple. I used Martha Stewart Crafts Fabric medium and mixed it with Acrylic Paint. The purpose of the Fabric Medium is to soften the texture of the paint. When the paint dries it bends and flexes with the fabric. I also used Stencil brushes. These brushes are flat and coarse and really get the paint down into the fibre of the fabric.

For step 1.

You will need Stencils, Spray adhesive, acrylic paint, fabric medium, and stencil brushes.

 Grab an old plain pillow.

 Step 2.
Go outside and spray the stencil with spray adhesive. Let it dry about 2 minutes

(Taping won't work since the shape of the pillow is curved and paint will bleed underneath the stencil)
Any spray adhesive will work. Most are repositionable if you spray the surface and let it dry 2-5 minutes before pressing the 2 surfaces together.
 Step 3.
Mix the fabric medium into the paint according to the directions. I believe it's 2 parts medium to 1 part paint. Stir. Now using and up and down dabbing motion, "press" the paint into the fabric. Make sure you don't have too much paint on the brush or it will tend to clump and bleed under the stencil if there is even a tiny gap.

 Step 4.
Wait until paint dries. Then move the stencil over to the next section. This small pillow required me moving the stencil 3 times. I did one section each day. After that, you're done.
Simple right!

Now  you have a brand new pillow to match any décor.