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Korean Fusion Mason Jar Snack with Spicy Asian Slaw

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  It seems like everywhere you look a new "fusion" restaurant is popping up around the corner. It's undeniably the biggest trend in dining. I think in my neighborhood alone there are no less than a dozen restaurants. There are the usual Asian fusion and Tex-Mex fusion - which I love. Then there are the more exotic ones like Japanese-American, Irish-Eritrean (still not sure what that is), North African fusion... I even saw vegan sushi fusion - don't know how that works but it sounds interesting! 
  As confusing and intriguing as they all might be, most are actually quite good. I have to admit I'm a sucker for a good Asian fusion restaurant. It's almost become a weekend ritual. Saturday night?... Asian fusion. It's something I always look forward to.
  So I thought if these flavors are great for dinner, why not turn them into a great snack for the work week. It was surprisingly easy and fun to come up with a great "fusion" snack. Using a few prep-free ingredients and an easy Asian slaw that is super simple, I put together an amazing mason jar snack that is not only better for you but really easy to make. Keep reading and I'll show you exactly how to prepare this make-ahead snack.

  For this easy Korean fusion mason jar make-ahead snack, you can find all of the ingredients right at Walmart. I picked up a few bottles of Honest Tea® while I was there to go with it. I love the organic green honey tea. It's just a tad sweet and is perfect for a lighter snack. I used Lorissa’s Kitchen Korean Barbeque Beef snacks. They are seriously so delicious! What makes me love them even more is the fact that they use responsibly raised proteins, like 100% grass-fed beef, and responsibly raised pork. No MSG, preservatives or growth hormones. That's something I can definitely feel better about! I love being able to make smart choices throughout the day for my snacks. It just makes me feel better and keeps me motivated to maintain a better lifestyle during the work week. 

To start we need to create our dressing. It's so easy. You simply combine all of the ingredients and whisk together until they're well blended.

Fill your mason jar halfway with the coleslaw mix then pour on dressing. Let it marinate overnight for the best flavor.

You can fill the mason jar with everything you need for the next day's snack. The dressing will marinate the coleslaw mix at the bottom of the jar and the other ingredients will stay high and dry, a definite time saver - you'll thank me in the morning!

Korean Fusion Mason Jar Snack 
with Spicy Asian Slaw

Print Friendly and PDF; align= left;Recipe by: Dean Ludington  
Prep Time: 25 minutes  
Cook Time: 0 minutes

Dressing Ingredients:
     1 package coleslaw mix or
        freshly shredded cabbage
     2 1/2 Tbsp water
     2 Tbsp rice wine vinegar
     2 Tbsp soy sauce
     1 Tbsp sesame oil
     1 tsp raw sugar
     1 tsp red pepper flakes
     pinch sea salt + pepper
     sesame seeds (opt. for garnish)

 Mason jar ingredients 
     Rainbow carrots, julienned
     Havarti cheese, cubed
     Lorissa's Korean BBQ beef
     Whole grain tortilla chips

  1. Combine all ingredients for dressing non-reactive bowl and whisk until well blended. 
  2. Fill mason jar 1/2 way with coleslaw mix. Add approximately 2 tablespoons dressing to lightly cover the mix.  
  3. Add julienned carrots, Havarti cheese, and Korean BBQ beef to the top of the shredded coleslaw mix. Allow dressing to marinate into cabbage and carrots overnight.  
  4. Top jar with tortilla chips just a few hours prior to use. This will keep them crispy. 
  5. Empty mason jar on a plate and enjoy.  

The next day your snack is ready to go. If you want to add your tortilla chips to the jar do that in the morning or, just bring separately. Grab your Honest Tea and you have the perfect snack that is not only delicious but one you'll definitely feel better about having. 

The Havarti cheese is a great compliment to the Korean BBQ flavor. The spicy Asian inspired slaw is great on its own or used to make fun bite-size snacks.

Thanks for stopping by. 
I'd love if you'd share your own favorite "fusion" recipes in the comment section below. 
Are there any snacks that help you keep and maintain a better lifestyle 
throughout the busy work week? 
Share below, I'd love to hear!

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