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   HI. I’m Dean the creator of 365 Designs. I want to thank you for stopping by.  It’s really exciting  to have this creative outlet and be able to share what I learn with all of my completely awesome readers. When I’m not at work I spend my free time exploring, creating and just absorbing the world around me.
  At any given moment during the warmer months you can find me outside, coffee in one hand bypass pruners in the other. I love gardening and being outdoors in general. During the cooler months I’m trying out new recipes, creating new DIY home decor and making a millions lists for anything and everything.   Most of all I love spending time catching up with family and friends.
  I hope you find 365Designs the perfect place to find inspiration for all of your creative needs.
  Thanks for stopping by. I would love it if you would share from this website provided you follow simple blogging etiquette: a)  Mention 365 Designs in your article or post  b)  Provide a clear link back to the original post c) Do not use any material for commercial purpose unless otherwise requested.

If you'd like to contact me for collaboration, sponsorship, or just to say HI you can click the email address below. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the blog!
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