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Quick Fix For Last Minute Gift Bag

  How many years have I diligently stored away my Christmas supplies with anticipation that next year I'll come across everything like new. How many times have I discovered that a year later things somehow don't resemble how they did in my mind twelve short months ago. Gift bags I thought were pristine are ripped and crushed. Ribbons have mysteriously disappeared. And all of that tissue paper I expected to be in crisp clean sheets has somehow wrinkled and torn.

  Well I have a pretty handy solution for last minute gift wrapping... I'm talking tissue paper. Nothing looks worse than crumpled, wrinkled wadded up tissue paper sticking out of a gift bag or wrapped around that new cashmere sweater.
  So what do you do? It's Christmas Eve and you've still got 25 presents to box and wrap in one hour and have pitiful looking tissue.....

Iron it!

 Yup that's right. You can actually iron tissue paper and it really turns out nice. Who would have thought. Just set the iron on its low/medium setting and iron away. Nice crisp tissue that puts that little extra caring touch to your gift.


  1. Great Idea, but don't have too much eggnog and leave the iron on it too long!