It's the perfect time of year for changing or maybe just updating your home decor. Winter is nearly over and Spring is right around the corner. The weather is still keeping most of us indoors so what better time to do some early spring cleaning. Well maybe not cleaning, more like evaluating. It's a great opportunity to examine your home style and maybe make some improvements.
  I had just finished painting a room in my house. I really wanted to change out some of the frames on the wall to match the new color. I came across some prints online while getting ideas for new frames. The prints were of botanicals, more specifically ferns.  I really loved the look of them. They were so simple and minimal. My immediate creative thought was 'I think I can do these'. And here we are. Another blog entry.....


  1. Stencils or Silkcreens of leaves, ferns etc.
  2. Picture frames
  3. Acrylic Enamel Paint
  4. An old gift card or purchase a silkscreen squeegee
*see bottom for complete list of materials

Begin by popping the glass out of the picture frame. 

Set aside the picture insert. You'll use this later as the backdrop for the painted glass fern. Carefully clean the glass with rubbing alcohol to remove any tiny amounts of oils, fingerprints or residue that might be on the glass.

Place your adhesive silkscreen centered on the glass. Squirt a line of glass paint on the top of silkscreen. You only want the paint on the top since you're going to be pulling downward with the gift card or squeegee.

Using the card or squeegee pull the paint downward across the entire silkscreen. Repeat if necessary to make sure the paint gets into all of the parts of the stencil. As soon as you are done remove the silkscreen pulling it straight up and away. Quickly wash or soak the silkscreen to ensure the paint doesn't harden in all of the tiny crevices of the silkscreen. Let the paint dry thoroughly according to directions.

For the backdrop I simply used the other side of the stock photo the frame came with! Most of these stock photos are printed on an unbleached, unfinished paper. This gives a rustic look of handmade paper. After you re-assemble the frame you're done!

That's all there is too it. This is literally so simple I just kept wanting to do MORE. I really had to hold myself back to keep it looking simple. The one thing that I want to do when I make more of these(do I hear early Christmas gifts) is paint the other side of the glass inside the lines of the fern. I think it will look great with maybe a deep faded green or light rusty brown color. 

I hope you enjoyed this super easy tutorial. 
This was my first time using silkscreens and I love how simple and easy they are. 
They give a very professional, unique look- the possibilities are endless!
 Please feel free to share any photos or links 
of projects you've made with silkscreens. 
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