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Sunflower Autumn Bouquet wrapped in burlap and twine

  You've probably seen these trendy little arrangements in home goods stores everywhere. Faux sunflower flower bouquets wrapped in burlap that come in a variety of sizes and styles. Of course when  I realized there was a remote possibility that I could make these myself,  I dropped everything and headed to my nearest Michael's craft store. After  closely inspecting most of the arrangements I realized they're  fairly simple.  All you really need are a few good quality faux flowers, some burlap and a  hot glue gun You're really going to be surprised how easy these are.  Keep reading and I'll show you exactly how to create these great seasonal decor bouquets.

  • Elmers Glue
  • Dry Floral Foam (this is the crunchy kind, not the soft mushy kind)
  • Burlap (use the tightly woven kind usually sold in rolls or as table runners)
  • Satin ribbon in brown
  • Twine in assorted browns
  • Faux sunflower spray (If you shop at a craft store during early or late fall you can get a great deal or use a 50% coupon on an expensive & great quality spray.)
  I decided that the foam block was a little to large for my relatively small floral spray. You're not going to want too large of a block. You also don't want one too small. Use a photo from a store for reference.  I've taken sooo many photos of items to get ideas for future projects. Just make sure to turn the sound off or you will eventually start to get looks  ;)

You also want to be careful when trimming your wire stems. Don't cut too much at once and end up with too short of a stem. I would say that for this look you don't want the floral spray too high so you can definitely work with a stem you may have cut too short.

Arrange the flowers individually or as a whole. See which looks best. Next you want to cover the foam block with glue to help the burlap take on a crisp block shape.
Pull up the burlap around the block. Fold and crease if necessary. Use twine to tie the top and secure the burlap. Finish it off with a satin ribbon in a simple bow.
I hope you enjoyed this simple floral bouquet.
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