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DIY Greeting Card Organizer

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  One of my goals this year has been to become more organized around the house. I wouldn't say that I'm completely disorganized but I can definitely use a little improvement. One project that has been on my mind is creating a way to keep and organize a variety of greeting cards. I'd really like a nice way to keep an assortment of cards on hand. I'd have them ready for any given occasion; no more scrambling at the last minute for that almost-forgotten-birthday card. Well, I think I may have found just the way. Keep reading and I'll show you what you need to make this handy card organizer.
  Before you begin you're going to want to pick up a few cards to stock your organizer. Let me fill you in on a little secret. A great place to pick up a bunch of cards for less than a dollar a piece is .... Walmart. Yup you heard me right, Walmart. I was just there and noticed they have an awesome Hallmark® section with cards starting at 47 cents! And what's even better is that these cards are really, really nice!  I totally stocked up on a million cards. I bought so many I actually needed to make another card holder! Here's what you're gonna need to get started:

  • Small box (such as a Kind® bars box -at least 5½  x 7½)
  • Hallmark® Cards
  • File tabs 
  • Gesso & Paint
  • Craft knife
  • Ruler
  • ribbon, tags or labels (opt.)

Using a ruler and craft knife cut the box diagonally. Start about two inches from the bottom of the box and cut all the way to the top.  End your cut about a half inch from the corner.

Measure box sides to make sure you have even cuts.

Prep your box with gesso. Let dry. Use a pouncer to apply top coat of paint in your chosen color.

I chose a pattern from graphic stock and printed it out on standard cardstock.

Trace the paper on the opposite side of the pattern using the box as a guide. Use your craft knife to cut 1/4 inch smaller than your traced shape.

Decorate with bows, labels or tags.

There you have it...
How great is that! 

You'll never be at a loss for a card again and 
they'll be completely organized by type.
Plus, they make nice little gifts! 
Try making one for yourself and 
feel free to post the link 
in the comment section below.

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PS All of the cards shown are from Walmart; the Hallmark cards starting at 47 cents collection! Some cards available may be larger than box.