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DIY Denim frame, flower pot, fabric rosettes & Springtime in Paris home décor sign painted faux denim.

  How much do you love denim? Not only is it super comfy but, it always looks great and never goes out of style. It might just be one of the greatest fabrics of all time! Guess what! Denim is not only great to wear, it's even great to DIY with.  I have some awesome news if you want to get your hands on some crafting denim. Michaels now has a huge section of it including fabrics, paints and home decor. I walked in last week and was in blue jean heaven. I grabbed some supplies, rushed home, and started covering anything I could get my hands on in new denim.  Keep reading and I'll show you how I made this "Springtime in Paris" denim sign along with frame and flower pot.

  To begin cut your craft board into equal pieces depending on what size you choose to make your sign. I went with 14" since it seemed like a good width for all of my lettering to fit evenly. Use the remaining wood pieces on the back to hold the boards together. I used both wood glue and 3/8" nails. Allow to the wood glue to dry overnight.
  Paint the wood with a very pale cream color as the base coat. I've seen some people use plain white, but I think the slight tint of yellow gives it a more authentic "denim" look. 
  After the base coat is completely dry you are going to make an indigo glaze. Glazing medium is a clear acrylic mixative that you add to acrylic paint to slightly dilute, improve flow and extend working time.  One thing I love about glazing medium is that it allows the paint to level and smooth out brush strokes.
  Using your stiff bristled brush gently pull the paint perpendicularly to create a cross-hatched effect.

  Allow the paint to fully dry before stenciling. One great tip I found when using stencils is to first trace your words onto vellum or tracing paper. This makes it easier to space the letters evenly. Lay the tracing paper on the surface and slide the stencil under to align. Use a pouncer or dauber to apply the paint. To avoid air bubbles and to get a smoother look try to lightly "place" the paint on the surface. Also try using a heat tool to dry each letter. You'll find this will really speed up the process.

  For the frame and flower pot simply cut out the fabric and apply with all purpose craft tacky glue such as Aleene's. I found a great video tutorial online for making fabric flowers. It's actually not very hard at all but you may want to practice a few times to get the hang of it. Here is the link from Margaret Meyer's You Tube channel Denim or Burlap Tutorial Video.
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