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DIY burlap and denim mouse toy

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  This week I want to show you a quick tutorial geared toward those other members of the family, our pets. Who wouldn't love to be able to make something special for our little furry friends.This super easy mouse toy is puuurfect (sorry I just had to!) for the cat lover in your family. It requires no special sewing skills and can easily be made following the printable template provided.
  The secret to this no-sew project is a great  product by Singer called Stitch Free Fabric Glue. It allows you to "sew" the fabric using a special glue that binds to the fibers. You can find this product at Target. Not only do they have a super craft section,  they also have a huge pet department.  I picked up a big bag of cat nip to add in with the stuffing. Your cat will definitely love you for that! I also found these IAMS coupons you can grab here for 10% off.  OK, so now that we have all of our supplies, let's get started....

  • Printable Mouse Pattern (provided below)
  • Denim, Burlap or other thick fabric
  • Felt
  • Singer's Stitch Free Fabric Glue
  • Bakers thread or twine
  • Heavy weight needle
  • Catnip (optional)

Print out the template below.  Windows users can easily do this by right clicking and choosing the print option. If the printed page is not true to size, try adjusting your printer options.

Cut out patterns and use chalk to trace onto fabric. Cut fabric with scissors or pinking shears.

Assemble the mouse starting with the base and side. Remember that the mouse will be turned inside-out. Glue or sew 'outside' of fabric facing inwards. 

Glue or sew second side to bottom. Glue tops together. Let dry according to bottle instructions.

When completely dry push fabric inside-out. Fill with batting or catnip. Glue or sew end closed.

Cut ears from felt. Using a large heavy weight needle sew on ears, eyes and whiskers.

There you have it.  A fun and easy craft that both you and your pet will love. 
I hope you enjoyed this easy tutorial. 
Please feel free to share your opinions in the comment section below.
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  1. This is such an adorable cat toy! My cat would love it. And thanks for the IAMS Cartwheel deals. #client