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Moroccan Quatrefoil Candle wraps feat. American Home™ by Yankee Candle® and Martha Stewart Crafts™ Punch All Over the Page Country Tile and Caning Pattern

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quatrefoil moroccan metal pattern candle wrap holder

  Hi guys!!! I hope everyone's having an awesome summer. Can you believe it's the middle of August already, how crazy is that?! The time really does go by so fast. Now I know you may not be ready to bring out all of your fall decor,  but I have a great way to help you ease into the season. There is an easy way to begin incorporating little hints of  rustic autumn style into your home. It's really simple actually. Just add candles.  
  Adding a few seasonal candles around the house really adds a nice accent not to mention great fragrance.  I've always been in love with candles. Don't they just brighten up the entire house. The only problem is that I never seem to have enough. I go through candles like Taylor Swift goes through boyfriends ;) Well guess what...I just found out that my absolute, all time favorite, king of candles is now available at Walmart.
  Yup, that's right. They're called American Home   by  Yankee Candle®.   and they are uhhhn-believably amazingly. PLUS I bought the super jumbo size for less than $15. ( $14.93 to be exact) WIN!! They are literally right in the center of the store in the Home Fragrance department with the home decor items (aka my favorite section.)
  So I want to show you how to dress up these tumbler candles to coordinate and match any style. In this case, I wanted to recreate the look of  metallic quatrefoil candle holders. It's actually incredibly easy and really adds flair to what ever style you're trying to achieve. Keep reading and I'll show you what to do.


 To begin you'll want to cut your 12X12 Cardstock at 51/2 inches. You'll actually be able to get 2 full sheets from one page....LOVE IT. (I can't tell you how many leftover pieces of cardstock I have because I can't bear to throw away good paper ;) In this demo I used an awesome paper I found that looks like mercury glass. However, after punching it out, the effect of the mercury glass was lost. I decided to go with a solid dark brown to achieve the look I was after.

Align the punch to keep about a 1/2 inch margin on the top. You should get 3 punch patterns from top to bottom. This  will leave you with an equal 1/2 inch margin on the bottom. I find that this approximate measurement works with both punches I used.

The Martha Stewart Crafts Punches are very easy to use. The come with patterns to align your paper to ensure an even punch. If you feel any resistance try punching through aluminum foil to sharpen, then wax paper to lightly lubricate.  

There you have it! 
Awesome candle wraps that 
look just like those expensive 
metal candle holders you 
find in the home goods stores.
You can even try to create your own candle garden. 
I'd love to see what you come up with. 
Feel free to share in the comment section below.

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 *All candles shown can be found in the Home Fragrance or Candle department at Walmart. 



  1. This small change really does life the candles to a new decor status- I love how simple this project is. We keep candlescapes in our home year round. I love how easy they are to adapt to the changing seasons. #client

    1. Thanks! If you make anything of your own I'd love for you to post it.

  2. Love how these turned out. So simple, but such an impact!

    1. Thanks!! What's also great about making candle wraps is that they can perfectly match your decor!