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Using a moodboard to begin a room makeover

  Hi friends. Now that the summer is winding down I've been thinking about making over a few rooms around the house. I'm not looking to do anything major like tearing down walls or ripping up carpet. I just need a few simple updates. I  find the best way to accomplish a room makeover is to take a look at the existing space in a new light. Sometimes it can be hard to visualize what you're trying to achieve in a pre- furnished room. A great way to achieve a brand new cohesive style is by creating a mood board. This helps to focus your new ideas separately from what already exists in your home.
  When Chairish contacted me and asked me to design a mood board for them I was beyond thrilled. This would be the perfect jumping off point for my own room makeovers. A mood board also known as a style board, is a great way to view ideas in a unified collection. They're great to help you stay focused when you're bombarded with ideas. Anyone can create a mood board. Something as simple as tearing out magazine photos can be a great way to start collecting images for each room. Begin to gather images of items you like. Choose a focal point and then start from there.
  For this room I decided to begin with an over-sized chair that caught my eye. I love the caning style pattern. The chair has a contemporary design with just a bit or art deco incorporated into it. From there I started gathering ideas for the rest of the room.

I chose different pieces of home decor and began placing them together to see what would work. I used a graphic design program however you can just as easily do this yourself by cutting out magazine photos and adhering them to poster board.. Quickly you'll begin to see how your idea is coming together. You'll be able to swap in and out what designs work and which ones aren't quite as cohesive to your concept.

All of these items I used are available from Chairish. They have a great variety of products from vintage to modern. I love the cowhide leather patchwork rug. It's one of those unique items you can't find just anywhere! I am also loving these trendy globe lights. I've been seeing them everywhere and I can't help but love their ultra modern take on a  popular 70's design. 
  Now all that's left is to start shopping!!

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