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Customize all of your School Supplies with Marble

  Going back to school was always one of my favorite times of the year. I know that for some of my friends it meant the end of summer fun and the beginning of long nights of homework but for me, it was amazing. I eagerly looked forward to the beginning of a brand new year. It was a time for new classmates, new teachers and best of all, a chance to go shopping for new school clothes and school supplies.

  How many of you remember Trapper Keepers? I was completely obsessed with those in High School. I literally had one in every color and design. I loved being able to collect all of the wild and crazy styles. Have a plain boring notebook just wouldn’t do. I would even create my own designs with sharpies, gel pens even paint. …basically anything I could get my hands on. The more I could customize and personalize the better.

  I've partnered with Target's awesome affiliate TargetMadeMeDo to create this simple back-to-school tutorial, we’re going to make our own, custom, marbleized school supplies. Not only is it super easy but it’s so much fun. You just need a few simple supplies to get started. Read the full step by step tutorial right on TargetMadeMeDoIt.com.