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Printable Holiday checklist and calendar

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  How many of you get completely stressed out by the holidays? What is normally the most wonderful time of the year can quickly turn into the most trying time of the year. All of the planning, shopping, organizing, preparing, decorating, baking.....and all within a tiny little 25 day window. It can be a little overwhelming.  But I'm here to help with all of that.
  Today we're going to do something fun. We're going to take a break from our holiday stress and take a much-needed mini staycation. I'm totally giving you the okay to take the afternoon off because... YOU deserve it!  
  "But what about all of the planning and preparation and shopping I still need to get done?" You might ask. 
  Don't worry I've got you covered. I have a few things that are totally going to help you get through the holidays nearly stress-free this year. Keep reading and I'll show you how you can tackle the holidays head on and stay cool, calm and collected while doing it.
  Our first stop on our mini staycation - afternoon off - break from the holiday stress - is Stop and Shop. They have these amazing little meal combos you can pick up in literally 2 seconds and your good to go for the rest of the day. You can choose from salads to wraps to subs and apple or chips....score! You even get your choice of a 20oz. Coca-Cola® product like Sprite® or Coke Zero®. So grab your lunch and let's get started. 
The first thing we're going to do is print out these calendar and holiday checklist printables I've made for you.
   I've included 3 different printables that you can use to prepare for the holidays. All you need to do is right click with your mouse and choose "save as." then pick a destination on your computer. I tend to use my desktop as a catchall for everything I save. You easily can find what you're looking for and then later, you can move the file or image to a different spot. 

Once you have your file ...normally it will save as a .jpg or .png you can easily click on it to print using your computer's default image software. If you have any questions feel free to hit me up in my About Page where you'll find my email, and I'll gladly try to help!
For all of these projects, I used a great online program called Canva. You can create just about anything there and best of all....it's totally free!!! Try creating your own printable checklist or calendar. It's super easy and lots of fun. You'll feel like a full-fledged graphic designer in no time.
The first checklist will let you keep track of all of your holiday shopping. You'll be able to keep track of each person and what gifts you want to buy for them. Make sure if you have kids at home to keep this list in a safe place...far away...like at your job or office. Trust me, if it's in the house, your kids will find it!
I've also included a handy calendar for quick reference to all of December's fun little perks.  Hopefully, you'll even be inspired to try something new and take advantage of the season.

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