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Glitter glass ball ornaments DIY

  This year I really wanted to make one of those glitter ball ornaments that I've seen on so many holiday DIY craft sites.  It seemed easy enough. The directions call for Pledge Future Shine floor polish swirled inside the ornament. Then all you do is add glitter. Well, I came into a giant obstacle.  They no longer make Future Floor Shine with Pledge.
  I thought maybe I could come up with something else.  Why not just use glitter paint? Well to save everyone reading this a lot of trouble, it doesn't work. The consistency of the paint is too thick, it doesn't "swirl" and it puddles at the bottom of the ball. What a disaster!        
  Then, I came across a new method that calls for using gloss finish polyurethane. As it turns out, it's super easy and it works really well. Follow the easy steps below and you can easily make these fun, shiny, glittering ornaments. And, what makes them even better is that you can choose the colors to match your individual style. Try different color schemes from browns to pinks to blues and match them perfectly to your existing holiday decor.

  1. Varathane or Minwax water-based polyurethane
  2. Glitter
  3. Glass ball ornaments
  4. Plastic cup and paper to make a funnel

1.Add about 1 tablespoon of polyurethane and swirl around inside ornament. Empty remaining back into container.

2.Position ornament on top of plastic cup.

3.Make a funnel out of paper.

4.And enough glitter to coat inside of ornament.
5.Spin ornament to get an even coating.

6.Empty remaining glitter back into container. 

7. Set aside and let dry overnight. 

That's it you're done. 

This technique uses more glitter than you would expect but I think the result is definitely worth it.