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Great new website to purchase crafty type materials

I just discovered this website that is totally new to me and I love it. My immediate thought is that I have to share it. Since most of my blog thus far has taken a 'crafting' turn to it, this is a great website for anyone wanting some inspiration and/or supplies. By the way I have no affiliation what-so-ever with this site, I just needed share. Anyway, I need to go explore further and just wanted to make a quick post.
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This is a either a great tip that  
a.) I just discovered... or 
b.) has been all over the internet and I think I just discovered it. 
Anyway, the tip is....

Making any piece of paper, card stock, or page fit into a spiral scrapbook, notebook or journal.

To start, line up your paper along the spiral of the book. 
Using a pencil mark 1/2 or 3/4 inch in from the edge. (The size of the spiral determines how far in you will mark.) Make sure you mark all spots where there is a spiral. Also make sure the marks are in a straight line.  

Next you are going to use a standard 1/4 inch hole puncher and punch out all of the lines you just made. Once again make sure you are centered and going in a straight line.

Next take a pair of detail scissors and cut from the edge into the center of the punched hole.

Now just push the page down into the spiral. If you've lined it up fairly well, it should fit perfectly. What's great about this is that it is removable. It's also sturdy and stays attached.

 I was surprised how simple this was. It sort of looks like those discbound notebooks and it's so easy to do. Now you can add any piece of paper to a spiral notebook, journal or scrapbook. 
How great is that!

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