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MINI MASON JAR TEA LIGHT CANDLE HOLDERS with glitter paint and cherry blossom trim decoupage

  Spring has finally arrived and the weather is a much needed turn from winter. I love being outdoors. Here on the East coast of New Jersey people seem to come out of the woodwork at the first sign of warm weather. Soon everyone will be firing up their grills for picnics and BBQs. Setting an outdoor table is something I love to do. It's so much more carefree than dining inside and basically anything goes. I though I'd get a jump start on some table decor with these stylish outdoor candles.
  These were very easy to make. I used two products that are both water resistant and weather proof: Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter Paint and Decoupage medium. I also love the fact that baby jars sort of resemble mini mason jars, another favorite of mine. They are also the perfect size for tea lights (just make sure they're non-scented). White coconut Jasmine French Vanilla might sound nice but it's just doesn't mix well with hot dogs and hamburgers. So get a head start on some fun picnic table decorations; here's how you can easily make them...

  • Baby food jars
  • Decorative 12 gauge wire
  • Glitter Paint
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Cherry Blossom Trim Punch

Rinse out the jars with rubbing alcohol. This will get rid of any residue that will prevent the paint from adhering to the glass. Pour in about a teaspoon of paint and swirl around turning the jar upside down letting the excess paint drip out. Let the jars dry by taping them upside-down to the inside of a garbage can or set upside down on popsicle sticks on a brown paper bag. Since the paint contains glitter it will  have to be air-cured for 21 days instead of oven curing. This basically means just set them aside from any humidity or moisture for 3 weeks.
After they are dry trim off any excess glue with a craft knife or razor blade.

Using the Martha Stewart Crafts Cherry Blossom Trim, punch coordinating colored strips of paper. Apply modge podge or Martha Stewart Crafts decoupage medium to one side of the trim. Adhere to the glass and let dry.

It may be helpful to use a silicon non-stick craft mat to work on. You can also get out any air bubbles by rolling flat on the mat with your palm. Set aside and let dry about an hour.

After the trim is dry and glued to the glass you can apply the top coat. When applying this coat make sure you are using "gloss" decoupage medium. Be careful not to over-apply onto the glass. You will get a cleaner look to just seal the paper about 1/8 inch extended on the jar. 
For this next step you'll want to follow the tutorial I posted on making wire handles. I originally posted this for my Christmas tree ornaments. There is also a great tutorial on the web unfortunately I can't find the exact site. Anyway you can click here for my quick guide...

Now after a few short steps and a little bit of patience you're all finished. 
The decoupage medium promises the jars will be weatherproof and durable. 
I prefer flameless tea light candles but you can use any you like. 
Try adding a decorative bow around the rim or white sand at the bottom. 
Either way you have a nice little candle holder you'll love.  
I think that's definitely a Design Accomplished!

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Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter Paint, $3.50, Michaels.com, Martha Stewart Crafts Cherry Blossom Trim Punch, $20, EKsuccess.com, Martha Stewart Crafts Decoupage Medium, $10, Plaidonline.com, Ashland Decorative Wire 12 gauge, $3, ACMoore.com