I love color. Big bright colors can liven anything up. Well I found something that is pretty much the ultimate grand supreme of colors....neon glitter. This product is the best. Though I'm not a big fan of glitter and it's way to seemingly spread to every corner of my house, this stuff makes it all worth it. Having to carefully limit myself for a complete color explosion, I managed to come up with something that is subtle yet bold.
  I also love the look of anything "dipped."  This next technique combines the two. The brightly colored glitter ads a nice contrast to the matte porous terra-cotta. This is so simple and all you need is a little patience during drying times. Here's what to do.

  • Neon Iridescent Glitter
  • Kilz Primer/Sealer
  • Glittering Glue
  • Thick Rubber Bands
Use the rubber band to make a 'dip line' anywhere on the pot. A thick rubber band is helpful to prevent the paint and glue from accidentally being brushed on the top half of the pot.


Paint on your sealer/primer. If you are going to put soil directly in the pot you are going to want to use the recommended sealer at the bottom of the page. It's an oil based sealer with a med/high odor so you'll want to use it outside with gloves and inexpensive brushes which you can throw out. This product will completely seal out any moisture from the glittering glue.


After the primer is dry you're ready to paint on the glittering glue. The glue has a thick consistency and will really grab onto the glitter. Sprinkle on a glitter tray or manila file folder to catch the glitter and pour any excess back into the container. After the glue is completely dry you may want to brush or spray on a final sealer. Try an outdoor decoupage medium or clear gloss spray acrylic or enamel.

That's all there is to it. 
Because of the nature of glitter you can't completely capture its essence in a photo and
what's great about this particular glitter is that it's also iridescent*. 
I know you'll be really pleased with how these turn out.
Design Accomplished!
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*A pink/green/purple color shift depending on the viewing angle and light source.

*glitter can be sealed with: Clear gloss acrylic sealer spray paint, clear gloss enamel spray paint, gloss modge podge, martha stewart gloss decoupage medium with is water resistant.

Iridescent Neon Glitter by Martha Stewart Crafts, $20, Michaels.com, Various Terra-Cotta Clay Pots, $3, ACMoore, Kilz Primer, $8, Lowes.com, Glittering Glue by Martha Stewart Crafts, $3, EKSuccess.com

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