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HANGING GLASS TERRARIUMS 'dipped' in paint with air plants, beach sand and moss.

  I love the look of anything dipped. After finishing my last post using the Preval custom paint sprayer I wanted to do more. This time I thought I'd try out a similar product the Martha Stewart Crafts Glass Spray Paint System. Besides from it being a little pricey, I was very pleased with the results. Both systems allow you to turn any paint into spray paint. For this design I used the color, also by Martha Stewart Crafts, called beach glass. The colors are available in a variety of finishes. I chose to use satin. I love how the matte finish contrasts the brilliant shine of the glass. 
Keep reading and I'll show you how to make your own hanging terrarium. 

  • Globe Terrarium (you can find them at Jo-Ann Stores)
  • Air Plants (called Tillandsia - you can purchase them on Etsy or a local indoor nursery)
  • Ornament Stand
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Glass Spray Paint System
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Satin Paint in Beach Glass
*I had purchased these glass terrariums couple months ago from Michael's. It turns out they have been sent back to manufacture for some reason. Luckily I managed to find one last one at Jo-Ann fabric store. The air plants I had a hard time finding. They do sell them on Etsy but at the time I was purchasing them it was during the winter months and I didn't want to take a chance on shipping. My sister happened to be in Myrtle Beach at the time and found a marketplace selling tons of them. If you're in the area I believe the store is called "Jean's Plants". 

You'll want to cover all parts of the glass not being painted with painters tape and saran wrap. Ensure the tape is completely pressed down so that no paint leaks underneath any tiny gaps that may have formed.

Wipe the glass clean with rubbing alcohol. This removes any sticky residue that may be on the glass's surface.

The great thing about this paint system is that you can custom mix any color you choose. Because of almost no VOCs it can be spray indoors as well. 

Before the paint dries to good idea to remove the tape. Otherwise, run an xacto blade on the dried paint edge of the tape to keep a clean line.  After the paint is dry to the touch, about an hour, you can begin to cure it.   This is done by placing the Glass in an unheated oven. Turn the oven on and let the temperature gradually reach 350°.  Wait 30 minutes for the paint to fully bond and turn off the oven. Let the glass slowly cool by keeping it in oven about an hour or until cool to the touch. 

Now comes the really fun part - building you terrarium. Since I'll be using Tillandsia which don't rely on roots to take in water, I'm going to use sand instead of soil.  You do need to miss them regularly. Tillandsia will also benefit from submerging them in water once a week. Make sure the water you use this clean rainwater which is best since it contains no chemicals or salts.

I absolutely love the way these turned out.
Adding an ornament stand gives you a simple and easy way to display them.
Try experimenting with colored sands and stones. 

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