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DIY Burlap Ornament

  I really love this trend of rustic holiday style. Burlap, jute and anything antique is so hot once again this year.  Something about the whole rustic and woodsy style just feels right to me at Christmas. While I was walking around my nearest home improvement store I stopped quickly to see what new Christmas décor they had this year. As it turns out, one of the first things I noticed was this burlap type wrapped ball ornament. I loved it. Being the somewhat creative person that I am, I immediately though "I wonder if I can make something like this myself."
    I was then off to the local craft store with one goal in mind; make this ornament.  Here are the basic steps and materials you'll need if you want to try it for yourself.
  • Glass Ball Ornaments
  • Red Glitter
  • Deco Mesh Burlap (or other loosely woven burlap)
  • Pine, Fir or Holly Decorative Floral Pieces
  • Water Bases Polyurethane (such as Varathane)
  • Jute Twine
Make a funnel out of paper and pour about 1tsp. Varathane into ornament. Swirl around to coat. Empty excess. Using another paper funnel, pour in glitter and turn until coated completely.  
Martha Stewart Crafts has all sorts of glitter. They have individual bottles as well as multi-packs. Some of the glitter is slightly pricey but worth it since you'll get lots of use out of it especially this time of year.

Take the burlap and cut about a 1 1/2 foot square. I didn't have any burlap around so I needed to make another trip to the craft store. This time I went to AC Moore. I found this great deco mesh which is used to make wreaths. It's a little more 'airy' than burlap so it actually worked perfectly.

Now just bunch it up around the ornament and cut off the excess. Then heat up your hot glue gun to secure it all in place.  
*If you don't have a hot glue gun you can always just tie it up with some jute or twine.

Hot glue some Christmas decorations to the top. I used some random faux pine needle & holly branches and some jute. Tie it all up with a little jute or twine. 
That's all there is too it! 
A great handmade ornament with minimal effort but maximum fun! 
Family and friends will love them as gifts 
and you'll love these because you made them yourself. 

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