Hi design readers! For today's post I'm going to show you one of my favorite DIY projects. I love when I can create something at home that looks like it was purchased in one of those fancy specialty stores. Well this next project is just that.  You'd never know I made this with just some craft paint and a mug I bought for about $4.  You'd almost think I got out the clay, potter's wheel and fired up a 2000° kiln -Ghost style! If you want to learn how to make this awesome personalized "dipped" mug keep reading and I'll show you exactly what to do. 


  Using painter's tape mask off all areas to not be painted. I angled my tape starting 1/3 from bottom to half way up. I left the handle clear as I wanted it entirely painted. 
  Next apply the stickers where you want to create a 'mask' that won't get painted. You may want to spell out a name or just a monogram.
Using the spray paint system  thoroughly apply the paint following instructions. The great thing about using this system is that you can choose any color as well as use it indoors or out.
While the paint is still wet remove the letters as well as the tape. If you wait until the paint is dry, removing them will pull up the paint along the edges.
  Allow the paint to fully cure before using the mug. The paint I used, Martha Stewart Crafts paint, can be cured in the oven or air cured for 21 days.**
I hope you enjoyed this quick and 
easy tutorial.
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*The Preval Spray Paint system works great and is about $5. The Martha Stewart Crafts spray paint system works equally well but costs considerably more, around $25. There is really minimal difference between the two. The MSC brand comes with a medium to dilute the paint. With the preval system you dilute the paint with tap water. If your budget is tight you might want to stop on by your local home improvement store and just pick up the Preval brand.

**As I am writing this post it's almost been one year since I made this mug. (Wow how the time flies!) Anyway, I can definitely testify to the durability of this paint. I actually use this exact mug on a regular basis. The paint has held up very well with all but one very tiny spot of paint rubbing off. This post is completely non-sponsored and all opinions are mine.