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Scrapbooking state wall art

  While doing a little spring cleaning I came across a few old scrapbooks from family vacations. If you're anything like me you have tons of family vacation photos and old brochures.  And when I say tons, I mean TONS!  I have storage boxes full of vacation mementos.  I tend to collect and save every scrap of paper, from ticket stub to travel brochure.
  As I was looking through the boxes, I wondered if there was a better way to display these photos. I wanted a way to bring them out of the boxes and incorporate them into my home decor. I realized that a while back I had purchased a handmade wood cut-out of California state.  What better way to show off my trip to Cali last year!  I grabbed a brush, decoupage medium and was off and running.....

  • State shaped wood board
  • Decoupage medium
  • Vacation photos, tickets etc.
  • Craft knife,  paint brush and gesso (optional)

 I decided to prime my board with gesso. If you don't have any on hand, use white paint or leave the wood grain showing.
Apply decoupage medium in light coats to the wood as well as the back of the paper. Sometimes it's easier to use your printer with plain paper or cardstock to print out photos. Make sure you seal them with an acrylic sealer/fixative first.
After the decoupage glue is dry, flip over the state onto a cutting mat. Use a craft knife to carefully trim to the shape of the state.

Finally, apply a sealing coat of decoupage medium to the top. You may want to use two coats for added durability.
That's basically all there is too it. 
A quick and easy way to display some of you family vacation photos.
I hope you enjoyed this fun decoupaging project!  
You may even be inspired to sort through some of those 
old boxes of photos and create something new!
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