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Father's Day Grillin' Gift Basket Crate

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 I can’t tell you how many times people have asked for suggestions on unique homemade gifts for  their husbands, boyfriends or fathers. I admit it can be a little tricky.  As much as he might love that brand new chainsaw, wrapped in a big red bow, it may not be the most creative, personal gift you can give.  I think I may have come up with something that the man in your life might really love - a handmade gift that he'll actually enjoy.
  This great gift basket is not only awesome for Father's Day but for any occasion. Plus, I think that I might have squeezed just about everything but the grill, into this  present.  It just might be the perfect gift for anyone who loves to BBQ.
  Keep reading and I'll show exactly what you need to make this great gift.  

  To make this gift basket, the first thing you need is a wooden storage crate. I found mine at Michael's. It ended up being the perfect size. They often run sales and have great coupons each week so you can find one for a great price. 
  For the grilling tools and accessories I went to The Home Depot. Of course you want to go with the best stuff so grab the Kingsford Original Twinpack charcoal. It burns nicely and gives a great grilled flavor to your food. You'll also want to pick up some good steak sauce and maybe even a grilling cookbook or two.  

  To begin your gift basket you're going to first want to prep your wood crate by lightly staining it. 

  I am absolutely obsessed with this new wood stain I discovered browsin' the interweb. Not only is it completely safe, non-toxic and water based, it's also homemade. That's right! This is a wood stain you make yourself. It's so easy and it only has 2 ingredients: steel wool and vinegar! Plus, I love anything that cleans up with simple soap and water.
  This stain works by creating a chemical reaction between the iron and oxygen creating ... rust!  You're basically recreating the way wood ages outside in the elements. You can find a great simple tutorial here.  

I like to really splash on the stain and get into all of the corners and crevices. This creates a nice aged and antiqued look.

Before diving straight into the stenciling you'll definitely want to practice first. Use a pencil  with the stencils and lightly mark the wood to get an idea of the way the words will look. You'll probably want to center whatever you decide to write on the crate.

  Use the brown sharpie first and fill in the stencils. While the marker ink is still wet lightly smear horizontally with the wood grain. This gives the appearance of wood burning in which you would actually brand the letters into the wood with a heat tool. Next use the black sharpie in the very center of the letter's lines.

Erase any remaining pencil marks.

Now all that's left to do if fill your crate. One secret trick I learned from a friend of mine, who was a gift basket makin' queen, is to use lots of clear shipping tape. This will hold everything in place and is nearly invisible. You may also want to use packing bubbles to elevate some of the smaller products in the crate.

That's all there is too it. 
Pretty simple right! 
A unique handmade gift basket crate
that can be made with just a few simple supplies.
Now you have the absolute perfect present for 
the charcoal grillin'  BBQ lovin' person 
in your family!!!

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Credit: HV Test Kitchen

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In the grilling mood? Head over to your nearest The Home Depot store to pick up your Kingsford Charcoal Twinpack. This week you can find it over half off !!!

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  1. This is super cool! My husband would LOVE a gift like this for sure. And I am definitely going to try that stain! I love that it's safe and simple to make! #client