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Family Crafts: Watermelon Crate

Watermelon colored DIY wood storage crate for summer kids crafts
    You know that summer has officially arrived when school is out for the year. Every June millions of kids count down the weeks until summer break looking forward to the days of sun, fun and most of all, no homework! And while they can't wait until the school free days of summer, parents are scrambling for activities to keep their little bundles of energy occupied for the next few months. Well, we have the perfect project for you and your kids to create together this summer. It's a craft that both you and your children will enjoy.
  Nothing says summer like freshly sliced watermelon. This craft captures the essence of the season with a brightly colored watermelon inspired crate. You can keep all of your kids toys neat and organized in this fun brightly colored container. Best of all, it's easy to make, fun to paint and will keep the kids occupied for hours.

STEP ONE: Gather your supplies. You'll need a wood crate in the size of your choice. Target has some great options. You'll also need a basic acrylic or chalk paint set. I love Target's brightly colored Kid Made Modern Paints. STEP TWO: Paint the sides and bottom slats of the crate with bright green. STEP THREE: Paint the top slats pink. I chose to go for a subtle ombre look and paint the bottom slats a darker pink and gradually lightening the color as I went up.  Paint the inside of your crate to match. STEP FOUR: Add "seeds" to your watermelon crate with short black paint strokes.
  Try experimenting with assorted fruits and a variety of colors. Make a matching set of watermelon, strawberry and lemon crates. You could even give each child an assigned fruit and see what they come up with! The possibilities are endless. This fun craft will keep your kids occupied for hours this summer while keeping their creativity up during the long summer break.