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Orange chicken from panda express with mandala printable.


  This year I'm preparing for Halloween in advance. I am going to make trick-or-treating completely stress free. I totally plan on enjoying Halloween just as much as the kids do! I won't be worried about snacks and dinner this year because I'm leaving all of the cooking up to Panda Express! That's right. I just discovered that Panda express offers party trays. How completely awesome is that!  I'll have more than enough for all of the kids, family and friends that might stop by my house. Plus, I can order  online right on my phone!


It seems like Panda Express is everywhere. They have this cool orange truck roaming around the country. It makes stops in major cities in the US and the best part is... they're giving out free Orange Chicken! I should say, the original orange chicken. You can click here to find out when it will be in a city near you, cause everyone loves free chicken right! Plus you can win... FREE ORANGE CHICKEN FOR A YEAR!

  Now I can officially cross that off my list. I can put a huge check in the box next to Halloween food. I love being able to cross things off lists. Any time I can eliminate little bits of stress that nag at me is a plus.
  I actually just found this new tool  to help when you're feeling stressed. There are these weird little art designs that you kind of just color in. They're called mandalas.  They are supposed to relieve stress and help you stay focused. You're gonna find they're super addicting. I think it's really important to take a little time out for yourself each day. These allow you to do just that.
  I created one  in the spirit of the season. Feel free to print it out for yourself. Color it, paint it and scribble it in.  I hope you enjoy it and find mandalas as relaxing as I do.

halloween pumpkin adult coloring free printable


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Original mandala inspiration from self coloring pages (dot) com. Content contributions courtesy of Dorene Dua and Alena Nardone.