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Autumn Words Decoupaged Frame with Free Download

  Hi Guys. I want to get in a few more fall crafts before the holiday season officially begins. It's the time of year when we get a small break before that hectic few weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas. This next quick craft will give you pause to really enjoy the beautiful season.
  To me Autumn is the time of year that is comforting and grounding. This next crafting project really takes minimal effort so you'll have plenty of time to sit back, relax and enjoy the remainder of the fall season. What's more is that, providing you have basic supplies, this craft will literally only cost you one dollar! Yup that's right. This wooden frame is $1 at Michaels stores. So let's get started...

  • ArtMinds Wood Frame (inside dim. 3.7 x 3.7)
  • Decoupage Medium in Matte Finish
  • Brayer (optional)
  • Acrylic Fixative (optional)

  1. Make sure the surface and edges of the frame are completely smooth. If not, sand with a fine grit 220 sandpaper. 
  2. Print out the word art square frame.pdf file on standard printer paper. Let the ink dry for several minutes. For improved durability and to limit excess ink smudging spray with an acrylic fixative. Let dry. 
  3. Trim image to the size of the frame. Brush on decoupage medium and use a brayer to remove air bubbles under the paper. Roll from the insides of the frame outwards. Let dry. 
  4. Apply at least one top coat of decoupage medium to seal the paper. Let dry. Sand any excess dried medium or paper from the edges.
You can  download the file below. It should save and print as the actual size
Do a test print first to make sure your printer settings are accurate. :

That's all there is too it.
Pretty simple right.
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