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Giving room makeovers a finished look by adding subtle color accents

  One of the best tips when finishing a room makeover is to add subtle accents. In the excitement of completing DIY projects we often ignore the finishing details. It's important to step back and look at your completed room in a fresh light. A great way to do this is by simply taking photos of the finished room.  You'll be able to better see what the space needs. Usually realtors and house flippers call this process staging a house. It involves adding what's needed to give a room a finished look. One thing that a lot of people overlook is the addition of flowers or houseplants. It's amazing to see how a simple bouquet placement completes the overall look of the room.
  In my upcoming bathroom makeover posts featuring budget friendly tutorials I show you a few great ways to add flower decor to achieve that "finished" appearance. A great place to find economical arrangements that are totally on trend and will compliment any style is The Bouqs Company. I completely love the fact that they offer a subscription service in which you can choose how often you'd like new flower decor for your rooms. I love the three month option that provides new arrangements to match each each season. Oh and did I mention they are 100% eco-friendly. How great is that!  Keep reading and I'll show you how I used flowers and color to complete my bathroom makeover.


  Since one of the main project points I had when making over this bathroom was to minimize the pink undertones of the tile. The absolute best way to achieve that effect is by using a pink analogous color scheme in the accents. Basically that means choosing strong pink, coral or purple accent pieces. By doing this you're essentially fooling the eye into seeing only the bold pinks as "pink." The tile is then perceived with less of a pink undertone making the accompanying hues stand out.

 source: design-milk.com

  I chose to go with a  beautiful multi-colored Phalaenopsis orchid. The bold pink and purple displayed throughout the flower were exactly what  was looking for. The Bouqs Company  has a beautiful orchid called Bali that is spectacular.

source: thebouqs.com

In these before and after photos you can see how cleaning up the surfaces and adding the orchid "stages" the bathroom and makes it look complete.

before after java stain general finishes bathroom cabinet

 Try adding fresh flowers or a colorful house plant to your own room. Your newly designed space will look like it's right out of a top design magazine.

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