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His and Hers Tassel and Birch Wood Keychains plus Armor All Car Care Gift Pack

  I have a quick question for you - that I find really interesting... How many of you guys name your cars?  Be honest, you can totally admit it! I just learned that 25% of people actually have a name for their car. Can you believe that? I have never heard of this! What do you guys name them?...Bob, Frank, Olivia? I think this is awesome! How did I never know about this.  It seems like people really really love their cars.
  Now that I know this, I wonder If I'm missing out. What would my car's name be? Is it a boy or a girl car? So many questions and with the holidays right around the corner, I think I'm going to have to postpone my car naming ceremony until after the new year. 
  With my new knowledge of this fun car fact, I have a great gift idea for those people you always have trouble buying for. It's  the perfect gift for anyone in your family who owns, loves,  names, or just drives a car. I've partnered up with Armor All to bring you this fun and easy tutorial. The Armor All Car Care Gift Pack really makes the perfect gift all by itself but we're going to take it a step further and add a nice personal touch. We're going to be making his and hers colorful tassel and birch slice keychains. Keep reading for all the details on this fun and easy tutorial.

  • Armor All Car Care Gift Pack
  • 1½ Inch Wood Slices
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Key Rings and Snap Hooks
  • Stencils
  • Assorted Leather 4x6 Inch Pieces 

Start making your tassel by cutting each 4x6 strip of leather in half lengthwise.
Next, take a pencil and draw a guide line approximately 1/4" from the top.
Using sharp scissors cut 1/8" strips up to your guide point.
Use your other half of the leather to cut a 1/4" strip which you'll use to attach the Snap hooks and key rings.
Hot glue guns work really well for gluing leather. For a super strong bond use the high setting and press firmly for 15 seconds.

Attach the 1/4 inch piece to the end of your fringed leather strip. Next feed through the key hook or ring.
Form a loop and glue to secure.
Tightly roll the fringed strip applying extra glue in the center.
Finish off the end with additional glue and hold firmly for 15 seconds to form a tight bond.
Use a 4mm bit to drill a hole 1/8" from the top of the wood slice.

I cut these pieces of white cedar from an old branch in my yard. If you buy your wood slices you'll usually find birch for sale online and in craft stores. Birch has white bark and nicely defined rings.

Finally, paint your branch slices with coordinating colors. I love Martha Stewart Crafts paint. They come in every color imaginable and provide thick coverage.

Matching his and hers tassel and birch wood slice monogrammed personalized keychains.

  I purchased my Armor All Car Care Gift Pack as well as most of my supplies right at Walmart. You can find it in the automotive section. One thing I really love about giving this Armor All Car Care Gift Pack with the personalized keychain is the fact that it really is a gift that everyone will love. Not only does it come in a reusable bucket - and let's face it you can never have too many buckets! - but it also includes a Pro Secrets car care booklet with $13 in additional coupons! One of my absolute favorite products from Armor All they included in this gift pack. It's the Quicksilver wheel and tire cleaner.  You spray it on and hose it off. That's it! no steel wool scrubbing...love it!

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Matching his and hers tassel and birch wood slice monogrammed personalized keychains.

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