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Stress Free Gift Giving NJ Lottery Holiday Instant Games and DIY monogram pillow gift box

  Every year during the holidays it seems like my list of friends grows larger and larger. Right around this time, every December, I feel like the most popular person on the planet. I never even realized that I knew so many people!! My list of friends is literally growing exponentially before my eyes. How did I meet so many people this past year without even knowing it!?
  Well, I might be exaggerating just a little bit. My assumed overabundance of friends is most likely this amazing holiday gift giving illusion that seems to happen every year. I think I just really like getting people gifts and I definitely don't want to leave anyone out. How many of you can relate?! Buying gifts for every single person you know can be a bit stressful. But before you run out to by whatever Starbucks, Godiva, Body Shop, gift basket is on display, I have the perfect solution for gift giving this year.  I have the absolute best gift to give those co-workers, casual aquintances and people who just seem to have everything. 
  I have discovered people absolutely love NJ Lottery Holiday Scratch Offs. I mean what's not to love? The chance at winning it big is wayyy better that another apple scented Body Shop gift set! And, you can literally buy them at any Wawa, 7-11 or any mini-mart that sells NJ Lottery - which means no fighting for a parking space!
  I'm going to show you how you can gift these  NJ Lottery Holiday Scratch Offs in a fun and trendy pillow box. And to top it off, we'll decorate with the recipient's monogram to add that extra special personal touch. Let's get started....

If you haven't already, you NEED to get this pillow box maker. Not only is this craft tool so much fun but it's amazingly easy. You simply score and cut, it couldn't be any easier.

In the photo below you can see the basic shape of the pre-folded box.

You're given various options as to the length and width. The built in guide makes this super easy.

After you make the appropriate score marks and cuts, fold the left side in and use double sided tape to secure the sides of the box.

The top and bottom of the box can be simply folded shut. You can use tape to adhere the ends but it's not really needed.

I love these chunky letters from Michaels. They are a great size and nice, clean font.  Use painters tape to create an angled line where you want to separate the bare wood from the painted surface.

I love the look of colored metallics. I think Martha Stewart Crafts has a great line of paints and offer a nice variety. I combined rose chrome paint with pink glitter and sequins in a sort of ombre effect. I also used light golds and yellows together along with silvers and light purples. 

 I'd love to see how your pillow gift boxes turned out! Don't forget the  NJ Lottery Holiday Scratch Offs  are available in $1, $2, $5 and $10. You can find them in your local mall kiosk or any convenience store that sells NJ Lottery.

Thanks for stopping by and remember to try your hand at the Million Dollar Replay! 
What would you do if you won on a NJ Lottery Holiday Instant ticket?

Thanks to New Jersey Lottery for sponsoring today's fun tutorial. All the opinions stated are 100% my own. All NJ Lottery Scratch off tickets shown in today's post were provided by New Jersey Lottery.

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