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Spring Cleaning Made Easy...The Spring Cleaning Challenge

 I love spring. I looooove spring. I love spring the way that Oprah loves bread! ...the way that squirrels love nuts... the way that Forest loves Jenny, the way that peas love carrots!! Well, you get the idea. It's absolutely my favorite time of year. Everything is just so new and fresh. It's the perfect opportunity improve on yourself and to update your surroundings.
  When spring comes around I can't help but think of spring cleaning. They basically go hand in hand. I know that many people view spring cleaning as a chore but, it really doesn't have to be. Just think of it as a way to give new life to the space you live in. It's such a great way to start fresh and move in a positive direction towards the upcoming months.
  I think a lot of people dread spring clean because they take it on alone. Taking good care of your house or apartment is no easy task. It can be a ton of work and take up a lot of your precious free time. Well, I've got a great way to take on the task, not by yourself, but as a family. It's this year's Spring Cleaning challenge and I've made it fun and easy for the whole family to get involved. Keep reading and I'll show you exactly how.

 This post is sponsored by The Libman Company, but my love for their cleaning options is entirely my own

1.  Cut card along dotted lines. Each family member gets one card with various spring cleaning chores divided between adults and children.

2.  Earn points by completing each task and the points assigned to it. Keep track of points earned based on each chore completed.

3.   After one week, tally up points earned by each family member. The one with the most points at the end of the week wins!

kids game checklist for spring cleaning

To print this file, right-click and choose "save as." Then save the .png file to your computer. hint: Remember where you save it. Open the file using your computer's default image viewer. In your printer settings, choose to print full size. Be sure to take advantage of Libman's $3 off coupon to help with your spring cleaning. I love using the Wonder Mop particularly because I can use it on my kitchen tiles, laminate, and hardwood floors. The best part is I can simply toss the dirty mop head right into the washer! Anytime I can make my cleaning more efficient it's a definite WIN! Oh and did I mention it's great for anyone who has pets!

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